Today 85% of customers are
searching for products or services
through online search engines like Google

So it is most important to have a website that talks about, displays all about your business.

Case Study

Australian Search Engines – All Devices (% Market Share)

All the rest6.4%
Mobile Internet vs Desktop Internet Usage


Around Fifteen years ago there was a choice for a business owner whether to go online or not. But today every business has to do their marketing online to get more customers because, today 85% of customers are searching for products or services through online search engines like Google. 

So it is most important to have a website that talks about, displays all about your business. But having just a website is not going to help you to compete with other service providers who my sell the same products or services as you. So what makes your website stand tall among the other websites? Visability, It’s the visibility that creates more business. Here at KatchIT we make more visibility for you, you won’t be the needle in the haystack, you will be the pinnacle at the top of Google.

If you did your research on online marketing you should have heard about pay per click (PPC) marketing. At PPC an advertiser has to pay a certain amount to the advertising firm for each time a visitor clicks on their ad. It only means that someone has visited your website and there’s a real possibility that you’re paying for a company who use click fraud to high up their bills. At KatchIT we don’t use PPC method because clicking on an ad doesn’t say that you got a possible customer. We use a system called pay per lead. Basically here you only have to pay for the leads you get through us. We promote your website. We carry out SEO. We handle calls and only send you the qualified leads. This is what you pay for. Unlike PPC systems you don’t have to pay for non-potential customers or click fraud.


Let’s take an example for you to understand why you should join your business with ours.

Lead convesions

We promoted a floor coating company called “iCoat” in Australia. We are currently providing them approximately 200 new leads every month apart from their own lead generation.

These leads cost them $44 for each but these were qualified leads and the company had up to 3 days to accept or dispute the lead. If a lead is not disputed it is automatically added to their monthly billing cycle.

Ok let’s do the math. One lead may cost them $44 but 17 of these leads we generated have added up to over $280000 in floor coating contracts.

With all the leads they got (including the leads made by their own) they have a success rate of 87% on lead conversions. So it’s your decision to make whether you go after the illusion of PPC systems or you want to join with us for pay per lead system that guarantee you qualified leads.

We can do the same for you


… well I am happy to say that the programs the KatchIT team have put in place have been nothing short of brilliant. Not only have they continued to meet iCoats lead expectations they have now raised the bar with a further lead increase of approximately 20% more leads per month of quality qualified leads. I did not want to revert back to pay per click or Bmag advertising this was way to expensive and ineffective compared to pay per lead. Thank you KatchIT for keeping our business strong and growing with quality leads 7 days per week.

Dave Adams, iCoat Australia

When the reality kicks in and you realise Pay Per Lead is something you should discuss with our IT specialists to embrace the real ROAR online power of what the Kings in Pay Per Lead can do to grow your business, it is your choice continue you on a path of destruction with no direction or ACT NOW and EMAIL US Today! to speak more about our Pay Per Lead programs..

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